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....he is more faithful even than the most boasted among men; he is constant in his affection, friendly without interest, and grateful for the slightest favours; much more mindful of benefits received.....

Oliver Goldsmith, 1774

Welcome to Right Start Dog Training

Why is it important to train your dog?

The most important relationship in your dog’s life should be the one he has with you and the rest of the family. If your dog sees you as the source of everything brilliant in his life, how much easier would it be to get him to come back to you in the park where there are lots of other distractions!

This relationship has to be worked at, it doesn’t happen naturally - it is developed through controlled play, interaction and importantly, training.
Training should be fun for the dog and the owner and the more time that can be put in will reap wonderful benefits. Dogs are intelligent animals and they want to learn. Once they have learnt to learn, and owners have learnt how to train them, there is nothing you cannot teach them!

Our training methods are all reward based, they are fun, fair and motivational and help you get the very best from your dog. Most importantly it all helps to build that important bond and relationship with your dog that will last for the rest of its life.

Dogs get a bad press these days and the responsibilities under law regarding dog ownership are harsh. It’s more important now than ever that our dogs are responsible members of our family and community at large.

PLEASE NOTE - Never buy a puppy from pet shops, many will buy from unknown sources which can often be puppy farms. Always buy from a reputable breeder and make sure you see the pup with the mother, even better if you can see both parents.


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