• Choosing the Right Breed

  • Sometimes it’s difficult to know what breed is right for your lifestyle or even if your lifestyle is right for a dog at all – sometimes this is the first decision we have to make of course.

    Then do you decide on a puppy or a rescue dog. Both have their advantages and disadvantages and both are a big commitment. If you decide on a puppy where do you go to look for a reputable breeder and what questions must you ask before you decide. This session will help to answer lots of questions you might have before you decide.

    This 1 hour session takes place in the comfort of you own home

  • What the session will cover:

    • The decision to bring a dog into your household 
    • What breed is right for your lifestyle 
    • Puppy v’s Rescue – the pros and cons of both  
    • Where to go to buy a puppy (Never buy from pets shops, many buy their pups from unreliable sources i.e. puppy farms)  
    • Questions to ask the breeder before deciding to buy

    And more……

  • Details and Prices

    The session will last for one hour at your home and costs £45 (within a 10 mile radius of Biggin Hill – for sessions further afield petrol costs will be added at the rate of 45p per mile). The session will be supported by handouts and resources for the family to read together.