• Clicker Training

  • Clicker training is one of the most effective and enjoyable methods of dog training available today. It is based on sound scientific principles and it's a tool that effectively allows you to communicate clearly with your dog.

    Clicker training is important as it is excellent at clearly letting your dog know when they have done something right. The click sound 'marks' a behaviour that you want and as you follow up with food this lets the dog know they have got something right. Therefore they are more likely to offer the behaviour quicker again next time. The clicker is great when establishing a new behaviour.  But the other great thing about clicker training is that it really is a good form of mental stimulation for a dog.

    These 1 hour sessions take you through the principles of clicker training and how to use it to enrich your dogs life and the relationship between you! 

  • Details and Prices

    The session will last for 1 hour in the comfort of your home and costs £60 (within a 10 mile radius of Biggin Hill – for sessions further afield petrol costs will be added at the rate of 45p per mile). 

    The session will include:

    • A FREE clicker!
    • A Goodie Bag and treats
    • Full supporting literature