• Online Puppy Lifeskills Course

  • During the Covid-19 restrictions we still need to be training our puppies. This course is now being offered to clients with pups up to 16 weeks of age.

    The course will consist of 6 online sessions covering all the necessary life skills that pups need to learn to help them become a bombproof confident puppy as well as to help and support new puppy owners through this challenging time:

    • Advice on puppy issues – play biting, house training, jumping up
    • Enrichment to promote calm, relaxation and confidence
    • Understanding body language
    • Teaching patience, self control and how to deal with frustration!
    • Helping the pup make choices that are rewarding to them and us!
    • How to socialise and habituate your pup during the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions
    • How to teach the basic skills including loose lead walking, recall etc
    • How to avoid separation anxiety - even more important for our pups after the Covid-19 restrictions are lifted
    • Handling and Grooming
    • And more!

    The course will include a 45 minute initial Zoom consultation followed by 5 further online sessions lasting 30 minutes each to back up the supporting videos and worksheets. It will also include free access to the Right Start 'Client Hub' - a private Facebook group set up to support clients during the lockdown.