• Online Puppy Lifeskills Course

  • This private one to one course will consist of 5 online sessions covering all the necessary life skills that pups need to learn to help them become a bombproof confident puppy as well as to help and support new puppy owners through this new journey together! 

    These courses are designed to help and guide you as the puppy owner as sometimes it can be a daunting experience and what you learn from the sessions will enable you to help your puppy become a well rounded, happy puppy and adolescent!

    It is entirely specific for each individual puppy and their family and includes back up and support in the form of various resources between sessions so the whole family can be involved

    It is suitable for puppies up to about 18 weeks but it is advisable to start the course a few days after picking puppy up to make sure the whole family set off on the right track from the very beginning.  It is also advisable to ensure that each session is no more than about 7-10 days apart as lots can happen in a young pups life in that time!

  • What's included in the course:

    • Advice on how to deal with the normal puppy issues – play biting, house training, jumping up
    • How to deal with those first few days......and nights! Thankfully, gone are the days where we were told to let our pups 'cry it out' through the night
    • Enrichment to promote calm, relaxation and confidence
    • Understanding body language and it's importance throughout the pups life
    • Teaching patience, self control and how to deal with frustration!
    • Helping the pup make choices that are rewarding to them and us!
    • How to socialise and habituate your pup in the right way without flooding them with experiences
    • How to choose and introduce your pup to suitable older dogs, safely and appropriately
    • How to teach the basic life skills including recall, walking on a loose lead, safety exercises like drop and leave etc
    • How to avoid separation issues - particularly important with the restrictions Covid is placing on us
    • How to help pup enjoy handling and grooming
    • Advice on dealing with scary noises i.e. thunder and fireworks
    • And more!

    The course will include a 45 minute initial Zoom consultation followed by 4 further online sessions lasting 30 minutes each to back up the supporting videos and worksheets. It will also include free access to the Right Start 'Client Hub' - a private Facebook group set up to support clients once the course has finished.

  • "We were recommended by our breeder to use Kaye. We had a zoom meeting set up and it was as easy as that. Being first time owners even some of the simple things are difficult! Kaye set homework after each Zoom session and this was discussed at the next consultation. The added bonus was having access to the Facebook 'Client Hub' for posting and seeing Kaye’s other clients posts in a similar position. I’m sure without the online help we have received we would certainly not be in as good a position with Ruby as we are now and we would have had quite a stressful time in these early stages." - Rog and Bev, Dorset

  • "The online Puppy Lifeskills Course has been absolutely brilliant for us as total beginners when it comes to puppy parenting, and I only wish I’d known about the online course sooner! Kaye, I cannot thank you enough for sharing with us all your experience, tips and advice in such an easy to understand, kind and reassuring way and with the back up of all the excellent resources. I’ve enjoyed every minute!" - Julia and Fede, Kent

  • Advantages of the course online as opposed to face to face?

    • On a one to one private basis rather than sharing the class with 3 other puppies
    • A much safer environment in the current COVID19 situation 
    • Get started as soon as puppy comes home
    • No waiting for a course to start which can often mean missing out on guidance in those crucial first few days and weeks
    • Very specific – the sessions are tailored to each individual pup and their family
    • Pups and owners can work at their own pace 
    • More relaxing – owners are in their own home, they don’t have the stresses of trying to concentrate on their pup and listen to information that is imparted in a distracting class environment
    • There is no travelling involved and the pups can sleep in the background if they wish!
    • We can share and discuss progress videos, important articles, PDF information sheets and links to important websites
    • Email support is available between sessions if needed
    • We have the time to cover so much more than can be covered in a class environment


  • How to book a place on the online course


    Call Kaye on 01959 575129 or email at kaye@rightstartdogs.co.uk