• Rescue Dogs

  • Rescue Dog Preparation Session

    Taking on a rescue dog is a very rewarding experience but often rescue dogs come with ‘baggage’ that we don’t realise until they have settled into their new environment. We call this 'The Honeymoon Period' – having settled into their new home and environment they begin to feel comfortable to start exhibiting behaviours that they used to show in their previous life.

    If we can anticipate this stage we can help to prevent these issues occurring. It also helps to minimise the stress that a rescue dog goes through in the transition from its previous environment to its new home.

    This session is ideally done before the dog arrives at its new home. The session will talk through what to expect in the first few days and to help minimise the stress of the move.

  • What the session will cover:

    • How to prepare your home for the new arrival
    • What to do with the dog in the first few days (and what not to do)
    • What toys / chews etc to buy (and what not to buy)
    • Ways of reducing the stress of the move
    • Discussion on Body Language – how to understand what your dog is telling you
    • Children and dogs (if relevant)
    • House training
    • Getting through the first few nights
    • Enrichment Games to help promote health and wellbeing

    And more.....

  • Details and Prices

    The session will last for approximately one hour at your home and costs £50 (within a 10 mile radius of Biggin Hill – for sessions further afield petrol costs will be added at the rate of 45p per mile).

    The session will be supported by handouts and resources for the family to read together as well as a written Management Plan to guide you through the first few days.