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Elizabeth Jones

Calling all vets and veterinary nurses.....

In-House Puppy Development and Training Session / Workshop

Kaye will visit your practice to present a Puppy Development and Training session for all members of staff currently running or planning to run, Puppy Schools / Classes at the practice. The session will focus on:

  • How puppies learn
  • Correctly structured puppy classes for clients
  • Dominance Theory – fact or fiction
  • Common 'puppy problems' and how to deal with them correctly
  • The benefits of reward based training
  • Introduction to clicker training

The session will include a fun and informative hands-on puppy training workshop to offer a practical session to underpin the information learned.

The session will last for approximately three hours and it counts towards continuing professional development. But of greater importance is the fact that it will arm both veterinary practitioners and veterinary nurses with practical and appropriate skills which not only will enable them to give their clients accurate information on contemporary training methodologies but may even become a chargeable service to generate additional practice revenue through appropriately structured puppy lifeskills courses.

This puppy development and training session costs: £100.00 (plus travel costs at 40p per mile)

If you would like further information and details on the session / workshop or would like to book a session for your practice, please contact Kaye.