• ‘Welcome Home’ Puppy Session

  • This session is for after you have collected your puppy! Many people find that after a few days once the pup is beginning to feel comfortable in his new environment, they start to encounter some typical puppy behaviours. These are very common issues and can be dealt with in a kind, fair and effective way using positive reward based methods. Addressing these issues early and quickly will help to get the pup and owners back on track!

    The session will be tailored to your needs but typically includes:

    •       Play Biting
    •       Chewing
    •       House training
    •       Jumping up
    •       How a puppy learns (to introduce some basic exercises)
    •       Introduction to clicker training
    •       Helping the pup make the right choices calmly!
    •       Enrichment Games to promote health and wellbeing
    •       Separation issues

    And more…….

  • Details and Prices

    The session will last for approximately one hour at your home and costs £50 (within a 10 mile radius of Biggin Hill – for sessions further afield petrol costs will be added at the rate of 45p per mile).

    The session will be supported by handouts and resources for the family to read together as well as a Puppy Goodie Bag!