• Behaviour Consultations

  • It’s wonderful to have a dog that is a joy at home and out and about. They love interacting with you and vice versa – it enriches the lives of both guardian and dog. Sometimes however, our dogs begin to show signs of abnormal behaviour and we need some help and guidance to overcome these issues to get things back on track. If this is the case or you are struggling with a specific dog behaviour problem, please contact us.

    Behaviour issues can come in lots of different forms and often affect the relationship between dog and guardian.

    We would ask you to complete a comprehensive New Client Questionnaire prior to the consultation, to give as much background on the behavioural issue as possible to enable us to be able to help you in the best way. Often cases will also be taken on a vet referral basis to help rule out any medical issues that may be the underlying cause of the issue.

  • Details

    An initial consultation will be carried out online via Zoom.  During the session we will be able to talk through the issues you are experiencing and discuss a plan of action. 

    You will receive a written training plan tailored specifically for you and your dog and together we will go through a step by step plan to address the behavioural issues you are experiencing. A copy of the plan can also be sent to your veterinary surgeon too if required.

    The work we do together may involve a mixture of online and face to face sessions as appropriate, depending on the nature of the behavioural issue.  A dedicated WhatsApp group will set up for the duration of the time we work together to enable us to stay in contact, share vides and photos and for the client to ask general questions. This enables us to offer a complete care package to our clients and work closely with them.

    IT'S IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER that changing behaviour is subject to many different variables, there is no quick fixes or guarantees that the problem will be fixed within a certain time period.  However the best results are achieved when guardians:

    • Commit to the training plan and our work together
    • Ensure that the whole family are being consistent with the suggested training plan
    • Bear in mind and consider the dog's emotional and physical wellbeing at all times
    • Stay in contact with me where requested

    For more complex issues I work alongside behaviourist and well-being specialist, Lisa Webb at Canine Thinking.  I may therefore recommend a referral where appropriate.

  • Prices

    The cost of the initial basic package is £107.00.  This includes:

    • An initial Zoom consult to discuss in detail the issues you are experiencing
    • A written step by step training programme specific to you and your dog
    • Email / online back up and support for up to 6 weeks to ensure progress
    • A one hour face to face visit where required during the 6 week support
    • All useful handouts / videos and other resources will also be included as appropriate 

    For issues that require further follow up sessions after the initial 6 weeks, these will be charged at £30 per hour online or £40 per hour face to face.

    PLEASE NOTE: Face to face sessions outside a 10 mile radius from Biggin Hill are subject to a travel charge of 60p per mile.