• Terms and Conditions

    1. Whilst Kaye Scott of Right Start Dog Training will take every precautions to ensure safety of dogs and handlers at all training sessions, it is the responsibility of the Client remains responsible for the welfare and control of their dog at all times during training sessions both on and off lead
    2. Kaye Scott from Right Start Dog Training will use only modern, positive, science reward based methods of training at all times.
    3. All dogs attending the training classes should be fully vaccinated or be able to show proof of adequate contagious disease cover and the dog is not in heat at the time of the classes.
    4. No aggressive dogs especially those with a bite history can attend the training classes and the Client must notify Right Start Dog Training if they have concerns about their dog’s temperament PRIOR to the start of the course. In these situations Kaye Scott will discuss with the Client the appropriateness of the group classes and a decision on whether a one to one session will be more beneficial to owner and dog. The client should be made aware that they must be deemed to be in control of their dog in a private or public place. A muzzle will be recommended if the dog is a danger to the public or other dogs.
    5. All training courses must be paid for in advance upon the receipt of the booking letter. Non payment before the deadline date on the booking letter will result in the place being released.
    6. In the event of cancellation of a training course, the Client will be responsible for full payment of the cancellation unless a replacement booking can be found prior to the start of the course.