• Right Start Online Services

  • We are now offering a whole range of highly successful, tried and tested online one to one services for puppy, adolescent and adult training.

    All sessions can be delivered via Zoom and allow you to learn with your dog in the comfort and safety of your own home at you and your dog's own pace and the sessions specifically address your particular needs making them very cost effective.

    The benefits

    The online courses are highly beneficial, they have proved to be an excellent learning medium for many reasons:

    • Held in the comfort and safety of your own home
    • Accelerated learning as there are no distractions
    • Perfect for busy families unable to commit to weekly training classes
    • For families with young children which makes it difficult to attend regular classes
    • You work at your own pace and at your dog's pace
    • If you can't drive or are physically unable to attend classes
    • Works well for behavioural assessments where the dog may be nervous of people in the home
    • For dogs that are fearful of other dogs and who would not cope in an indoor class environment
    • Sessions are specifically tailored to your needs
    • More time to cover your specific questions
    • For guardians who are self-isolating or vulnerable in the Covid-19 situation
    • Cost effective as there is no travelling for either you or the trainer
    • Immediate start - no waiting for the next available course
    • Free access to the Right Start 'Client Hub' Facebook Group

    Right Start Dog Training offers the following online services. Please click on the links for information and details on how to book:

    Email Kaye at kaye@rightstartdogs.co.uk more information or on 07779 500129