• Puppy Lifeskills Course

  • Welcoming a new puppy into your family is an amazing and exciting experience but it is also a big commitment and can be worrying and tiring!

    The first few weeks of a pups life is so important and what we do in this time will form the blueprint of what sort of adult our pup will become. We want them to be confident, sociable and ‘bomb proof’ in all situations and environments.

    The popular Puppy Lifeskills Course will guide you though this early development in the right way. It will teach the pup life skills and to make choices that will help to form the wonderful bond and relationship with you, their human family whilst teaching them how to cope with life in the right way. They are for pups no more than about 18 weeks of age at the start of the course.

    The initial group session will be online via Zoom and this will be followed by 4 face to face group sessions

    The advantage of the initial Zoom session is that all class members are able to take on board the important information that is imparted at that session but in the relaxed environment of your own home.  This session will fully prepare all class members with what to expect from the course and what to bring to the first session as well as allowing us to get started on some very important early skills in more detail without having to worry about your puppy.     

    The course will cover:

    • Building confidence
    • Understanding body language - how our pups communication with us and other dogs
    • Helping the pup make choices that are rewarding to them and us!
    • Teaching self control
    • Teaching patience and calmness
    • How to cope with frustration
    • Enrichment exercises to promote health and wellbeing
    • Introduction to the wonderful world of clicker training!
    • Very basic practical skills - sit, down, stand, come, walking on a loose lead
    • Teaching the concept of sharing to prevent guarding issues
    • Advice on puppy issues – play biting, house training, jumping up etc
    • Socialisation and habituation with people, other animals and different environments
    • Handling and grooming preparation
    • How to avoid separation issues 

    And more.....

  • Details and Prices

    This 5 week course is limited to a maximum of 3 puppies and is based on the most up to date research into puppy development and training. They are aimed at puppies no more than about 16 weeks at the start of the course.

    The course is currently run in St Luke’s Church Hall, Bromley Common on a Wednesday morning.

    The course costs £70 for the 5 weekly sessions and will include:

    • 1 hour Initial introductory session via Zoom 
    • 4 x 45mins face to face group sessions
    • Full supporting course notes emailed prior to the first online session
    • Lots of resources in the form of PDFs, links to articles, websites for information etc
    • 'Welcome Puppy' Goodie Bag!
    • Free clicker!